Scion Pure PriceTM

What Does This Mean?
Why Haggle? Scion is unique because both the products and buying process are designed to create a whole new culture that will change the consumer's car buying experience. At Scion we respect your time by creating a simple, straightforward, easy to understand approach called "Pure Price". Scion's "Pure Price" purchase experience means no haggle, no hassle. The price you pay for all products and services offered equals the dealership's posted and advertised price. Price menus are clearly posted in the dealership showroom for all products and services. Dealers are free to set their own prices.

2012 tC 6 Speed Manual Accessories

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Paint Protection Film - Hood and Front Fender Genuine 299.00 299.00
Vehicle Shield PackageLusterizing Sealant, Sealant Cleaner, Fabric Guard, Rental Car Assistance Genuine 379.00 379.00
Fog Lights Genuine 420.00 420.00
Rear Lip Spoiler - High Profile Genuine 444.00 444.00
Rear Bumper ProtectorThe applique is made from tough polyurethane film with a UV-resistant topcoat, and features a ghosted Scion logo. It helps protect the painted top bumper surface from minor bumps and scratches, and is custom-engineered for an accurate fit. It's pressure-sensitive adhesive makes installation cake. Genuine 43.00 90.38
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SCION ACCESSORY PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. LOCAL MARKET ADJUSTMENTS MAY CAUSE SOME DEVIATION FROM NATIONAL PRICES. Price excludes tax. Installation charge may or may not be included in price. See dealer for details.