Scion Pure PriceTM

What Does This Mean?
Why Haggle? Scion is unique because both the products and buying process are designed to create a whole new culture that will change the consumer's car buying experience. At Scion we respect your time by creating a simple, straightforward, easy to understand approach called "Pure Price". Scion's "Pure Price" purchase experience means no haggle, no hassle. The price you pay for all products and services offered equals the dealership's posted and advertised price. Price menus are clearly posted in the dealership showroom for all products and services. Dealers are free to set their own prices.
Scion vehicles normally come with standard equipment only and customers can personalize their car with available options and accessories. See the accessories section of this website for available options. Base price does not include any optional accessories, applicable taxes, title, or license fees. Base in addition to title and license fees we charge a $35.00 document fee, and a $15.00 notary fee. Scion Auto Care Plus Progam only available with those Scion's that offer the Owners Reward Package.